RFMx AF Digital Health Modular Tool Kit

  • Population Digital Health Analytics

    We take data from disparate EMRs and databases to identify patients at risk within healthcare systems and risk stratify for interventions thus improving overall population health care outcomes.

  • Digital Health Clinic

    At the core of the RFMx Chronic Disease Digital Health Clinic is a patient centered, guideline based mobile app and software platform that utilizes wearable devices(Bluetooth smart watches and fitness trackers, weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, Glucose Tracking Systems and CPAP Devices) to continuously track and stratify patients with data integrated into hospital based EMR allowing for Nurse / NP led Digital Chronic Disease Clinic independent of MD.  Patients at risk who are overweight placed into a Nutrition Programs, an Exercise Program and a Community based support group.  Participants can be tracked with patient reported outcomes pre and post Lifestyle Intervention.

  • Remote Monitoring Billing

    We provide the structure to capitalize on Remote monitoring CPT codes currently available in Medicare patients to allow for monthly remote monitoring billing with software based clinic / wearable devices – similar to cardiac devices ( pacemakers / ICD / ILR )

  • Digital Health Network

    We integrate within a network to create and manage digital clinics at multiple sites with trackable chronic disease patient databases improving efficiency and outcomes

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