Our Story

I decided to pursue medicine as a young man when at a crossroads in life as I struggled with the meaning of his faith and personal purpose. I came across a biography about Mother Teresa of Calcutta which changed my life's direction. Her actions helped me realize the simplest and most meaningful expression of faith was the importance of the understanding of each individuals' self-worth and human dignity, objectively assessing their needs and using all of the available skills and resources to meet those needs with patient care and creating technologies that positively change their healthcare trajectories

I have been very involved in technology creation and the startup space cofounding CardioNXT and AFTx in the Cardiac Electrophysiology 3D mapping and Atrial Fibrillation space.

RMFx, Inc is the latest expression of this vision meeting the needs of patients with atrial fibrillation and other chronic disease's unifying a novel digital health platform, health coaching with wearable devices providing a patient centered community supported experience.

I began this journey 3 years ago when taking care of my patients with atrial fibrillation and new data published at that point highlighting the importance of diet and exercise with long term atrial fibrillation ablation outcomes. Taking a step back and reflecting on this data and other positive publications published targeting healthy food, mindfulness, exercise and community support in chronic disease patients I saw the value in these interventions but knew that most patients required structure and support to help them on this health journey. I also came to believe that patients needed to understand their own dignity as a starting point before embarking on this journey and understand the importance of their self-worth and the power of community support

This is at the core of RFMx - serving patients with chronic disease in a dignified patient centered approach with community based support programs and health coaching with our technology platform acting as the glue that connects these components to healthcare systems in a meaningful way and supporting them on their healthcare journey.

In the last 6 months I have put together a talented team of engineers / software design / entrepreneurs who have created technologies stemming from similar core values.

My team is committed to further drive my vision and mission forward and take the next step towards true health and I am excited about how this technology we will transform sick care to health care.

Thomas "Bobby" Kurian, MD

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