RFMx is a digital health company focused on using technology to creating value that serves and connect patients, healthcare providers and healthcare institutions with the software network-based solution in the AFIB space. RFMx has created a digital ecosystem with a patient centered app connected to wearable devices which integrates remote monitoring into a Guideline Based Nurse Practitioner Digital AFIB clinic connected to Population health analytics which can identify patients who are candidates for stroke prevention strategies, catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation and lifestyle intervention.

By integrating digital health tools in a meaningful way, including patient centered apps that can be connected to wearable devices, patients can be identified, diagnosed, track and managed with the creation of a digital ecosystem that involves data mining within existing EMRs, integrating wearable data and relevant biometrics and creating clinical portals that lead to actionable items with population to patient analytics that move the need toward improving clinical outcomes.

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